Anna Mora & Brunella – Dubai, Sponsored a Magical Spanish Night in Dubai

A Magical Spanish Night

14 Nov.2013. by Marta



Dear Friends,

A few days have passed since our big event. We can’t put into words our appreciation to all the affection we have received from the people who have attended, as well as many others who have written to support us. Heartfelt thanks.


We must begin by saying thank you to Dubaiytu for putting their trust into this event. Next we would like to thank our two big sponsors, Melia and Natura Bisse. We are proud of those two large Spanish firms of global presence, and are close to us.



Meliá is equivalent to being at home, which roots in our culture. It is a part of us and especially part of the history of Dubaiytu. The hotel is great with combining the magnificent city-view from the “Stars” terrace with the experience to enjoy some traditional spanish “tapas” with friends.3

Not to forget about Signature, the most authentic Indian restaurant in Dubai, the wonderful spa, and the corporate rates from Dubaiytu. 

Meliá  was a big supporter of dubaiytu by offering nice notebooks and discount vouchers for the hotel to give you the chance to get to know the hotel.


4Natura Bisse , the luxurious Catalan firm, has revolutionized the world of cosmetics with high quality products. They surprised the attendees during the day of the even by offering precious Natura Bisse products of high value. We have received a lot of questions about where the products and the location of the stores. We are glad that many people of both men and women tried the products building long-lasting customer loyalty.





On the other hand, Anna Mora & Brunella-Dubai sponsored the event byoffering the lucky winners of the raffle draw 200 AED cashback vouchers. Be sure to visit their store located at Sunset Mall if you haven’t already.



A quick glimpse of the event day…


 The pleasant evening began with a wonderful golf tournament, with fully-driven players showing strong competition. The tournament ended with a win to a female player, Alicia Garriga, making us doubly happy. Jason Moore was the “Nearest the Pin” winner sponsored by Meliá Dubai. Apart from the tournament winner, Alicia Garriga was the winner of the “Longest Drive”. A true champion!   


 Jason Moore sponsored by Meliá Dubai


 Alicia Garriga, the winning prize sponsored by Natura Bisse, certainly the big winner of the night!


 9 Some of the winners of the vouchers of Anna Mora & Brunella-Dubai 


We acknowledge the institutional support and unconditional loving words we were dedicated by the Ambassador of Spain, Jose Eugenio Salarich, as well as the Commercial Counselor Jaime Montalvo. Your presence was an honor to us that night as you supported our event.


Heartfelt thanks to Mario Nolla for his music, big heart and generosity. Together we can make the Maria Cristina Foundation overcome many of its challenges. A big thank you to Natalia Kostareva for her wonderful and memorable pictures, and to Omaima Selena who helped us in throughout the night.

Last but not least, thanks to all of you because we owe our success to each and every one of you.  We are extremely happy with the success of the event, and we will continue working on improving every day as we move forward.

Esther Torres, Marta Sanchez-Mateos, Maria Moraes

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